Lawn Care Essentials during the Winter Season

lawn-service Any garden is incomplete without its flowing green lawn. The efforts put in for maintaining a lawn gets reflected in the way it looks. There are no doubts in the fact that a lawn needs to be taken care whole year around. And winter season is one of the crucial seasons for taking essential lawn care measures. Where winter season needs the maximum lawn care, with almost negligible activity on the ground, the use of fertilizers and other soil enriching products is easier as well as effective in this season. So here are few lawn care tips to take care of your dear lawn in chilly winter winds.

Lawns are usually damaged by pests and insects taking shelter in the grass during winters. However, by lowering the blades of the lawn mowers and reducing the size of the grass, the winter pest attack can be reduced to minimum. This helps in preserving the quality of the grass until the spring season is back and the grass flourished again.

As mentioned above, it is the best season to feed your lawn soil with the best of fertilizers and other essentials, in the very launch of the winters. This will help the grass to retain its texture and strength by the start of the spring and stay harmless from the affects of chilly winters.

Regular care is very important during the winter season. This includes removing all the broken and fallen branches or leaves from the ground that can hamper the growth and nourishment of the grass. It is also advisable to remove any kind of article such as furniture, swings etc sitting on the grass as the grass can get easily destroyed in the winters.

In order to fight back the chilly winds the grass loses its strength and cannot bear the weight of people walking on it. So in case of your lawn in an area that gets snow in winters, it’s essential to clear the pathways that goes from the lawns to not to encourage people walking on it.  

Another important thing that needs attention in the area that gets snow in the winter season is the content of salt in the snow. In case the snow is salty, it is a Big No No to let that salty water spread on the lawn as salt is a big enemy of lush green grass. Measures taken to prevent the snow staying on the grass for longer can actually increase the lifespan of your grass.

Lawn care is though simple and easy, it requires daily time and commitment. As they say, Prevention is better than cure, It is better to prevent your lawn from getting damaged in the winter season than working hard to cure it after the damage has occurred!

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