86485233_xs A hot cup of coffee is just what you need to get your day started. Sometimes just the aroma of coffee is enough to refresh a tired body to get to normal in minutes. Just like it does refreshes our mind and revive our body strength, coffee is also a very healthy and natural option for our lawn turf.

Though most of us are aware of the fact that coffee is used in the lawn soil and is good for it, very less people are aware of the fact that it is not the caffeine in the coffee which is helpful but the traces of phosphorous, nitrogen and other minerals that makes it a good choice for lawn soil. Now it makes sense, isn’t it?

Now how does it work better than the chemical fertilizers?  The traces of molecules of nitrogen, phosphorous and minerals in coffee break out at rather slower pace than it does in the chemical fertilizers that does it at once.  The slower absorption of minerals in solid ultimately led to stronger turf with natural enrichments. On the other hand chemical fertilizers are artificially bombarded with nutrients and as soon as they are sprayed in the soil, they break at once. Most of these nutrients in the fertilizers are not fully absorbed by the soil. Surely they are quicker but not as long lasting as the natural coffee grounds.

Earthworms are always known be farmer’s best friend as they go to and fro in the soil, eat the grounds and ultimately aerate the soil making it rich in good nutrients and ultimately improving the growth of the plant and grass. Now how to invite the worms to your garden to help? Call them over a coffee. Yes you read it right! Earthworms love coffee like us and adding coffee to soil ultimately led to amazing results.

The process can be carried forward by making holes in a bucket and putting the coffee grounds in it and moving around the whole garden. A little efforts to seep the coffee in with soil is required by human hands, rest is all effectively carried out by our worm friends.

Anyone can save their own coffee grounds or can get a small coffee shop to arrange them for you. Big coffee houses like Starbucks also sells the grounds to the customers willing to strengthen their lawn grass. The coffee treatment is recommended once, every month.

Coffee does wonders to our lawns as well as our mornings!

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