Home Made Organic Pesticide Spray

In this article we’re going to explore yet another quick remedy to the all-so-common garden enemy: the aphids and garden bugs.

Finding the Pesticide that Works

Now if you have a garden there is no way to avoid these little critters. They are a part of the ecosystem, just like human to water source, these bugs are here because you have food for them. Now, don’t resort to the immediate solution to head down to your local supermarket and grab a bottle of chemical bug spray.

You’d be poisoning your garden. Why don’t we look at something that treats the root problem and sets the ground for future longevity and health of your garden as a whole.

The King of Bug Repellent – Neem Oil

Now, in India there would be occasions where large amount of bugs devour through an entire section of greens, essentially stripping the field to the ground.

This is not foreign to us as it is one of the 10 disasters that happened to ancient Egypt from Jehovah god for those who read the Bible.

Interesting thing is though, the bugs leave this neem oil tree behind, signifying that there is some special property to this tree’s bug repelling capabilities.


Without further adieu, let’s watch a video and have the expert explain:



The formula in the video is so simple which constitutes the following:

  • 2 tbsp of Dr. Bronner Sal Suds Soap
  • Super Clean Neem

And you add any kinds of herbal essential oils.


Conclusion: Trust Nature’s Balance

No one will ever argue with you that nature has its own way to bring things back to balance. By utilizing the existing resources in nature and a little though, one will often find the solution.

It continues to baffle me how human choose to stray away from this balance. The perfect example is seen in our food system where food and fecal matters are transported to and away from centralized cattle barns; whereas in nature cows graze freely and re-fertilizes the land, zero emission.


That is a conversation for another post, for now enjoy your organic home made pesticides and I wish you vigorous growth and healthy plants.

Neem Spray

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